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Utilizing Tech is a weekly podcast focusing on practical applications of various technologies in the modern enterprise. Each season focuses on a specific area of emerging technology, with three seasons of Utilizing AI, a season of Utilizing CXL, and now a new season of Utilizing Edge!

Utilizing Edge launched April 24, 2023!

New episodes every Monday!

Each episode is a discussion with an industry thought leader from a product company or the wider community designed to educate the IT practitioners about the new world of this focus technology.

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  • The New Direction of Hardware Led by Edge Computing

    The New Direction of Hardware Led by Edge Computing

    Edge is leading the hardware industry into a new era of innovation. In this episode of Utilizing Tech, Stephen Foskett, and co-hosts, Allyson Klein and Alistair Cooke, sit down to dissect this. In the wake of Intel’s discontinuation of its NUC product line, a question that is in everyone’s mind is, what’s next. Intel, and…