Podcast Season 3

Utilizing AI in 2022 with Chris Grundemann and Frederic Van Haren

AI is now widespread, and companies are starting to look at the real-world impact of machine learning

AI is now widespread, and companies are starting to look at the real-world impact of machine learning. In this special episode of the Utilizing AI podcast, the three hosts look forward to AI in 2022 and revisit some of our guest questions from season three. First, we turn to the specific markets and verticals served by AI applications. We feel that datasets and models will increasingly be focused on specific business uses instead of being general-purpose tools. Next, we consider how the AI industry is increasingly concerned about ethics, bias, and privacy of data. Industry leaders like Timnit Gebru and Cynthia Rudin are showing how important social responsibility is to artificial intelligence. Finally we turn to the continuing progress seen in AI technology. New methodologies, larger models, and increasingly critical real-time applications are transforming the technology, and ML hardware and instructions are everywhere from mobile devices to the datacenter and the cloud.

“Three” Questions:

  • Chris from Tony Pikeday: Can AI ever teach us to be more human?
  • Frederic from Sriam Chandrasakren: What do you think is the biggest AI technology that will transform medicine in the future?
  • Chris from Leon Adato: What responsibility do you think IT folks have to insure the things that we build are etihical?
  • Frederic from Amanda Kelly: What is a tool that you were personally using a few years ago but you find you are not using anymore?
  • Chris from Ben Taylor: Are you living up to your potential legacy?
  • Frederic from Girard Kavelines: What scares you the most about AI?
  • Stephen from Chris: What do you think will be the most surprising thing to come out of AI in the next three years? 
  • Stephen from Frederic: When do you think AI will be able to automatically identify if an AI model is ethical or not?
  • Stephen from Chris: What do you think is the most over hyped application of AI people are talking about today?


Chris Grundemann is the Managing Director at Grundemann Technology Solutions. You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn and on X/Twitter or visit his website to learn more.

Stephen Foskett, Organizer of the Tech Field Day Event Series, part of The Futurum Group. Find Stephen’s writing at, on Twitter at @SFoskett, or on Mastodon at @[email protected].

Frederic Van Haren is the CTO and Founder at HighFens Inc., Consultancy & Services. Connect with Frederic on LinkedIn or on X/Twitter and check out the HighFens website