Podcast Season 4

What’s Next For CXL After Memory Expansion?

The first CXL products have emerged, with Samsung delivering memory and storage expanders and MemVerge supporting big memory with their software. Stephen Foskett discusses these products with Julie Choi of Samsung, Steve Scargall of MemVerge, Shalesh Thusoo of Marvell, and George Apostol of to discuss current and emerging CXL products. This special episode of Utilizing CXL was recorded live at CXL Forum in New York, with the entire industry watching. Once memory expansion is delivered, where do we go next? Marvell is working to support the new protocol in chipsets, and Elastics Cloud developing CXL fabric switches. Everyone is ready for Intel and AMD to release their next-generation server chips, which natively support CXL, and the CXL Consortium is already working on the next release!