Podcast Season 6

The Bedrock of AI is Data with Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman of Qlik

Data is the foundation on which AI models are built, and integration of enterprise data will be the key to generative AI applications. This episode of Utilizing Tech brings Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman from Qlik to discuss the integration of data and AI with Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett. Enterprises sometimes worry that their data will never be ready for AI or that they will feed models with too much low-quality data, and overcoming this issue is one of the first hurdles. Another application for machine learning is improving data quality, organizing and tagging unstructured data for applications. The concept of curated data is an interesting one, since it promises to elevate the value of enterprise data. But what if a flood of data causes the model to make the wrong connections? If data is to be a product it must be profiled, tagged, and organized, and ML can help make this happen. The trend of generative AI is driving budgets and priorities to make data more useful and organized, but even unstructured data streams can be valuable. The application of large language models to structured data is promising as well, since it enables people to query these data sets even if they lack the background and skills to construct queries.

Podcast Season 4

How CXL Can Optimize Infrastructure for Machine Learning with Gerry Fan of Xconn Technology

In this episode of Utilizing CXL, Gerry Fan of Xconn joins Stephen Foskett and Craig Rodgers to discuss the ways that CXL can improve machine learning processing.